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Switch Cabinets

A good cabinet is unique and fits perfectly with the needs of the customer. Therefore, Global Coldstores produces switch cabinets in collaboration with our trusted supplier. By doing so, we can guarantee the best quality of each cabinet; both small and simple, and large and extended cabinets.

Switch Cabinets

Global Coldstores offers great quality switch cabinets that fulfill specific requirements. All switch cabinets are tailor-made and available in different KW starting from 8KW to 46KW. All switch cabinets are produced with high-quality steel.

Options switch cabinets:

• Switch cabinets > 8 KW
• Switch cabinets > 12 KW
• Switch cabinets > 20 KW
• Switch cabinets > 34 KW
• Switch cabinets > 46 KW


• Tailor-made.
• Material: high-quality steel.
• Guaranteed quality.
• Brand components: Eldon.
• Telemachanics.

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