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Cooling doors

A cold room requires a suitable door. Which door is applicable, depends on the situation. We offer different types of doors, so there is always one for your specific situation. We also offer a large assortment of extra embodiments at an additional price. So you always have the right version.

Insulated sliding door

The insulated sliding door is made up of a sliding door panel of 100 mm thick, with a border profile of aluminum. The frame is equipped with a thermal bridge break and is standardly delivered as ready to use.


  • 100 mm door panel

  • Electrically or manually operated

  • Locks and electrical fittings on request

  • Freezer, PU, and Plastisol applications at an additional cost

  • Window frame aluminum (optional)

Cooling-sliding-door2 (1).jpg
Insulated hinged doors

The insulated hinged door is made up of a panel of 80 mm thick and has a border profile of aluminum with the thermal bridge interruption. The frames are standardly supplied ready to be fitted.


  • 80 mm rebated

  • Standard equipped with emergency release and lock

  • Freezer, PU, and Plastisol application at an additional cost

  • The window frame of aluminum (optional)

Corporate hinged doors

The corporated hinged door is designed for situations where you need a light insulated hinged door. If an insulated cooling door is not necessary, then the corporate revolving door is a cheap and high-quality alternative.


  • Door leaf thickness 50 mm

  • Anodized frame and border profile

  • Different sizes

  • Plastic window frame and aluminum window frame with safety glass on request

Strip curtains

Although many companies see this as a standard product, we offer a wide range of strip curtains. All strip curtains are tailor-made for your specific needs. This means that all sizes are available and they can be customized to your wishes. We will always make sure that the products we have in stock, will meet your expectations.

Air curtains

Air curtains produce air barriers, dividing two areas into independent temperature zones. An air curtain prevents loss of cold air, increases comfort, and saves energy.

Door parts

Global Coldstores are also supplying parts for all doors corporate and insulated, including door handles, hinges, closing and opening guides, guide rails, screws, door stoppers, door covers, door rubbers and gaskets..

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