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Installation Materials

To ensure the availability of refrigeration equipment and parts, Global Coldstores offers a refrigeration installation line on the African market. This includes copper tubes, insulation, valves, driers, shaft seals, and more.

Copper Tubes

Our hard drawn copper tubes are fabricated in the European Union and meet all quality requirements. The tubes are available up to 6 meters. The diameter varies from 10 mm to 106 mm.
Coper Tubes (roll)

The soft drawn copper tubes on the roll are easy to use, because of the movability. These soft drawn pipes are seamless, which increases the workability.

Insulated copper tubes (roll)

The isolated drawn pipes are made of copper, seamless, and pre-insulated, which increase the workability. The tubes are rolled and available up to 20 meters.

Copper fittings

Global Coldstores offers a wide range of copper cooling materials, including copper fittings which are suitable for our copper tubes. When you are looking for copper fittings for your cooling tubes that are not listed here, please contact us.

2212-1 (1).jpg

To ensure the best insulation, Global Coldstores provides a wide range of insulation materials. The brand of this insulation is Armacell. A manufacturer of engineered foams and world leader in the market of flexible technical insulation materials. The isolation thickness varies from 9 mm to 13 mm.

Expansion valves

The expansion valves that Global Coldstores offers are soldered. The valves we have on stock are from the brand Danfoss. When you are looking for another brand, you can contact us to arrange the right expansion valve for your machinery.

Filter driers

Global Coldstores offers a wide range of driers. When you require a filter drier for other machinery, you can always contact us to arrange the right filter drier for your machinery.

Shaft seals

Shaft seals for BITZER, Copeland, and other brands are also available for order at our company. They are specialized for various types of Freon, so for wide use. When you place an order, please mention the specific type of compressor, the position number, and the year to receive the right article.

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