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A good cooling system is not complete without a good evaporator. Excellent technical specialists, such as Guntner and Alfa Laval, contribute to true innovations and quality assurance. Although we fully support these brands, we will also assist you with the purchase of less known evaporator brands.

Alfa Laval Evaporators

Alfa Laval produces high-quality air coolers and air-cooled condensers, particularly for the industrial market. The cooling technical expertise, knowlege of industrial applications of well-known product lines, contributes to the goal to become a major supplier in the field of air-cooled evaporators.

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Güntner Evaporators

Güntner is a global leader in the manufacturing of refrigeration and air conditioning heat exchangers with decades of experience. Güntner invests in reliability, efficiency, and high-performance density, which makes them the perfect partner for exploring the future together. Investing in Güntner machinery means investing in your own business!

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