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About Us

Company profile

Global Coldstores was established in 2009. Since that time, the company has developed into a leading and innovative international supplier of refrigeration equipment and parts. Global Coldstores followed the market movements and created an excellent market position and reputation in the industry. The company is now, in addition to the modern head office in Nieuw-Vennep, located in West Africa and East Africa, and still looking for new opportunities to expand.

Our focus

As a specialist in this particular field, we know that true quality is essential for performing business activities. Domestic companies are becoming more interested in doing international business and to explore new markets to increase sales. We are aware of the fact that the only way to stabilize the business and achieve growth opportunities, is to offer quality products. For that reason, we deliver high-quality products for both industrial uses as well as a retail sale.

Our core values 

Our core values represent the corporate culture of Global Coldstores and guide our daily operations as we strive to achieve a leadership position in this industry. Our values are:

  • Professionalism: we have a highly qualified and competent team to ensure local expertise and quality of our goods

  • Customer care: we always aim to ensure that all our clients are fully satisfied with our products

  • Trust: it is meant to maintain the confidentiality of all our client and business partner information of any kind at all times

  • Integrity: it is important to ensure the highest degree of ethical and professional standards in all aspects of our business

  • Teamwork: we embrace the spirit of teamwork in our corporate culture to build synergy within the company

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