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Cooling systems

As a cooling expert, we know that a proper cooling system leads to a better quality of goods. That is why we choose the strongest brand on the market, BITZER. We offer different types, so there is always one available for your specific situation and you can be sure that you made the best purchase.

Bitzer Cooling systems

The new Flexi TEKOSET arrived on the market: a newly developed modular concept of one of the strongest brands available, BITZER. The modular construction system always meets your expectations and is technically and financially attractive.


Tank units:
• t0 -10 ° C / + 40 ° C tcond: 2 to 87 kW
• t0 -30 ° C / + 40 ° C tcond: from 0.5 to 36 kW

Cooling units:
• t0 -10 ° C / + 32 ° C TomG: starting from 9 kW
• t0 -30 ° C / + 32 ° C TomG: starting from 4 kW

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